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New album on bandcamp

New Album Now Available!


"Songs of Dignity & Grit"


Hunter St. Marie, Lead Guitar

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1. What's your connection to the album?


I got to play a bunch of guitars! We developed a lot of the sounds, tones and parts in the studio based on what felt natural.


2. How do you know Julie?


I play with Julie's live band. She picked me because I'm special.


( Julie's Note: I picked him because he's a tasteful genius lead guitar player and I'd seen him with his wife's band, Cari Hutson and Good Company.)


3. What other bands/projects are you working on?


I perform and song-write with an amazing singer, who is also my wife, Cari Hutson. I also perform on guitar with a group from Galveston (my hometown) called "Harbors Over Highways." Finally, I run sound for London Calling, a variety band in Austin.


4. What's your favorite track of the album?


Texas, Trouble Junkie, Hey Bartender


5. What is your musical background? How did you get into music?


My dad plays guitar and there were always guitars to play around the house. Unfortunately, they were all left handed, so I had to learn upside down. After I scratched up a few of his guitars, he decided to get me a righty, and that was it. I spent hours after school practicing and playing along with Clapton, Pink Floyd, SRV and Hendrix.


6. What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?


Guns 'n Roses' "Use your Illusion II"


7. What are music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?


100.1 Sun Radio!


8. Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you...


I wear a size 15 shoe.


9. If your life had a sound track, name a few songs or artists that would be on it.


Most anything by Derek Trucks, Don Henley, "Sultans of Swing" by Mark Knopfler. Pretty much anything on Exile on Main Street, as I too have been hooked on smack in a Paris Mansion.


10. What does "dignity & grit" mean to you?


Chin up, but scratched. The phrase "fingers to the bone" jumped out when I read "diginity and grit."


I had seen Hunter play with Cari Hutson, his wife and babymama, for years and had always loved his tasteful style of guitar playing. I was so excited when he agreed to play with me!  I'm so glad he did because he's one of the best guitarists in Austin and one of my best friends.