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New Album Now Available!


"Songs of Dignity & Grit"

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Eric Lenington, Graphic Design

1. What's your connection to the album?


Julie tasked me with the album art.  I have created the cover and layout for physical copies of the CD.


2. How do you know Julie?


We met through Cari Hutson and Hunter St. Marie when she sat in with Good Company for a few tunes at Strange Brew.


3. What other bands/projects are you working on?


I work musically with Cari Hutson and Good Company, and sub on bass with a few other groups.  I create album art and help out with promotional work for a variety of Texas Country artists.


4. (Optional) if you have a favorite track of the album, please list it here:


Piss and Vinegar


5. What is your musical background? How did you get into music?


My dad was a hippie musician, and my mother a ballet dancer with NYC Ballet. They help me learn how to approach artistic endeavours.  I went to music school and spent 18 years as a tour musician before settling down into a career in graphic arts and promotion.


6. What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?


Embarrassing, but not a bad record- the Soundtrack to "Good Morning, Vietnam"


7. What are music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?


Dirty Loops - Sayonara Love


8. Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you...


I really like driving my 2005 Honda Civic.  I just like that car.


9. If your life had a sound track, name a few songs or artists that would be on it.


"The Man of La Mancha"

Charlie Hunter - "Fly Like An Eagle"

Miami Vice Theme Song

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