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"Songs of Dignity & Grit"


Cari Hutson - Singer

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Cari and Julie Sing

1. What's your connection to the album?


I sang background vocals on the record. I'm connected as a friend, singer and fan.


2. How do you know Julie?


I met Julie in "the scene". I had heard her name quite a bit but had never gotten the chance to see her live until my husband began playing guitar with her. After that first night of seeing them play I was instantly a fan of hers.


3. What other bands/projects are you working on?


I have my band Cari Hutson & Good Company. Other than that I sing in a party band called "London Calling" to pay the rent.


4. Optional) if you have a favorite track of the album, please list it here


"Texas". I f-ing love that song.


5.  What is your musical background? How did you get into music?


My first time on stage singing was in the 7th grade. I played "Glenda, the good witch" in the "Wizard of Oz". (I killed it. Ha!) In high school I was in a talent contest. I sang and won. It was at that point that I realized that I loved to sing and was good at it. After graduating I enrolled at Southwest Texas State to study Musical Theater. It was also then that I joined my first band. After that I was completely taken. I dropped out of school and started pursuing music. I've been in a hand full of bands ever since. Today, I have my band Cari Hutson & Good Company. I'm still chasing the dream.


6. What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?


Don't laugh- Janet Jackson "Control".


7. What are music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?


Songwriters. Chris Stapleston, Sean McConnell, Tedeschi Trucks Band


8.  Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you...


I was a dancer before a singer. I studied tap, jazz, and ballet. I love to dance. Oh, and I get nervous before EVERY PERFORMANCE. If I wasn't a singer professionally, I would be a counselor. I care deeply about the human condition.


9. If your life had a sound track, name a few songs or artists that would be on it.


"Wildflowers"- Tom Petty, "Seeing Things"-Black Crowes,  "Grandpa"- The Judds, any Janis Joplin song. Sprinkle in some Led Zeppelin.  Maybe one or two of mine. Oh, and "Texas"- Julie Nolen.


10. What does "dignity & grit" mean to you?


"Dignity and Grit" means to me -a strong backbone and a fighters spirit. It's knowing who you are and not apologizing.Double click to insert body text here ...

Oh, Cari, how could I have known that by asking your husband to be my guitarist I would also gain another sister and badass singing partner?!  Cari Hutson is hands down one of the best singers and performers in Austin. CHECK HER OUT!