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New album on bandcamp

New Album Now Available!


"Songs of Dignity & Grit"


Brannan Lane

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1. What's your connection to the album?


I'm playing drums on the album. Julie is awesome!


2. How do you know Julie?


You know, I can't remember how we met. She probably contacted me (or I contacted her) to sub for her regular drummer a few years back....? Not sure.


3. What other bands/projects are you working on?


I work with Pauline Reese, John Gaar, Owen Temple, Malford Milligan, Haydn Vitera and Panic Stricken. I do a lot of subbing for other drummers as well. Some of the artists that call me to sub in there bands are, Darrell Goldman, AJ Vallejo, Alan Haynes, Ponty Bone, Carl Hutchens, Jay Boy Adams, Eric Tessmer, Leeann Athreton, Naga Valli, Peterson Brothers, etc.  I also do studio sessions on drums and/or percussion. Right now I'm getting ready to go into the studio to record John Gaar's new album. Should be a lot of fun.


4. If you have a favorite track of the album, please list it here:


Piss and Vinegar


5. . What is your musical background? How did you get into music?


My musical background comes from all genres. My dad would say there is only two kinds of music....good and bad. I started on piano at 10 and switched to drums at 14. Being the youngest child it was natural for me to become a musician, because my brother, mother and father are all musicians, so music was all around me growing up. My first gig was in my Dad's Jazz combo. I'm sure I was terrible. haha ha


6. What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?


Its was probably a 45, but can't remember what it was. Maybe a Beatles single?


7.  What are music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?


Right now while I write this I am listen to Steely Dan's Royal Scam. Released in 1976, but it still sounds contemporary 40 years later!


8. Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you...


I played on the Grand Ole Opry for 13 years. 1987 to 2000


9. If your life had a sound track, name a few songs or artists that would be on it.


Right Place, Wrong Time by Dr. John! ha haha


10. What does "dignity & grit" mean to you?


To me its means Julie Nolen's new album! Hell yeah, buy it! What are you waiting for?Double click to insert body text here ...

Note From Julie:  For the record, I think Brannan was a recommended sub from another drummer for the previous band Telling Stories. And if I remember correctly, which I never do. I'm pretty sure he nailed it perfectly without rehearsal. When I started this solo project, Brannan was the first to call and say "Hey, can I play with you?" which meant a lot.