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"Songs of Dignity & Grit"


   Julie Nolen cuts through the bullshit in a world full of it.


  Born in West Texas, Nolen has forged her own path without forgetting where she's from. An Americana-roots rock-country troubadour, she is known for her energetic and passionate performances.


  Now in Austin, Texas Nolen plays both solo and with the full band at the Saxon Pub, Lambert’s, Hole in the Wall and One2One Bar. She has also been regularly touring around Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.


  Nolen’s highly anticipated album, “Songs of Dignity & Grit” was released on January 12, 2016. The most recent singles “Trouble Junkie”, “Texas” and “Piss and Vinegar” have been in regular rotation at community radio stations in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri and Florida.




"This album will be in my Top 5 for a long time to come! (On) "Piss and Vinegar", it's raw and gritty and this lady belts! ...No, this ain't a five star album, it's a TEN!" - Mick Moonshine, Moonshine Magazine (UK).


 "The power of their music pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. What originally drew me to go see them was Julie's wonderful voice. She sings with a ton of heart and soul, which could win anybody over."

- Mara Havis, Listen2MySmile


  "Sneaky pick to steal your hearts that you can dance, cuddle, or mellow out to." - Liz Williams, The Austin Chronicle


"Her voice is like if Ani DiFranco met Jewel in the street and kicked her ass." - Drunk Guy at Show.


Julie Nolen...